Thank you for considering Hermeneutic Chaos Press as a possible home for your manuscript. We primarily publish chapbooks; however, we also occasionally publish anthologies.  We believe in championing work that goes beyond its pages to contribute meaningfully to the essential conversations that impact and empower the future of literature.  

All our titles are produced as small, open editions and are hand bound and trimmed. Each book measures approximately 6 x 8 inches. Our covers are made from premier matte papers, and are printed via inkjet.

​As a policy, we do not charge a fee for reading your chapbook manuscripts.

Our open reading periods are as follows :

Summer Reading Period : May 1 - July 1
Winter Reading Period : December 1 - February 1

​For chapbooks, we consider the following categories :

Poetry:​​ We will consider both verse and prose poetry, as well as hybrid forms. We look for manuscripts that move us through a surprising use of language, imagery and poetic texture.

Prose: We will consider a collection of flash fictions, one/two long stories, vignettes, creative non-fiction and lyric essays. We appreciate work that possesses a compelling nature and captures the motion of a moment in all its vulnerability. 

Hybrid: ​These include works that defy the restrictions imposed by the conventional categories of poetry and fiction. We always encourage work that questions the normative notions of literature and seek aesthetic paths that encourage the muscles of various genres to build something new and challenging.

Submission Guidelines for Chapbooks : 

  • We accept submissions only through our online manager Submittable. Please do not send your manuscripts via email.
  • Please submit a manuscript that is between 15-30 pages in length (excluding the title page, acknowledgements, etc). 
  • All submissions must include a title page and an acknowledgements page (if required). There is no need to number the pages.
  • Please ensure that each piece gets its own page, and each new work begins on a new page.
  • We do consider individual pieces that have been published elsewhere, but the manuscript as a whole should be unpublished, whether online or in print. 
  • We encourage simultaneous submissions. However, please mention this in the cover letter and withdraw your manuscript immediately if it finds a home elsewhere.
  • You can submit multiple manuscripts in any category during a given reading period. However, each manuscript should be sent as a separate submission. 
  • Please note that manuscript revisions will not be considered once it has been submitted. This is because we begin to read the manuscripts very soon after they are submitted to us, and an editing request plays havoc with our momentum. We never disqualify manuscripts for errors or mistakes. We are primarily interested in speaking to the author's voice, and the themes and motifs that reside in the chapbooks. In case we have any question regarding your manuscript, we will contact you. However, if you feel that the changes would drastically alter the aesthetic shape of the manuscript, we request you to withdraw it in its entirety and submit again.


Response Time :
We aim to respond to all our submissions within 8-10 weeks, usually less. Please feel free to contact us if you don't hear from us by then.

Upon Acceptance :
Authors whose manuscripts are accepted for publication will receive 15 author copies as payment. They may also purchase additional author copies from the press at cost. 

How To Submit A Manuscript :

We only accept manuscript submissions electronically via our online submission manager Submittable. 

  • If you simply wish to submit your manuscript, please visit our Submittable portal . 
  • If you wish to order a chapbook at a discounted price along with your submission, you can do that too. This not only supports our press, but also allows you to read the work of writers with voices as bold and passionate as yours . For $6 (plus $2 s&h), we will ship a copy of one of the chapbooks of your choice from our catalog. Please send these submissions to our online submission manager here

In case you have any question regarding submissions, please get in touch with us at editor.hermeneuticchaos (at)

​Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to read your manuscript. We look forward to spending time with it!



H E R M E N E U T I C   C H A O S