Individual Bios :

Hilda Weaver is a retired psychotherapist, the mother of three, grandmother of four and great grandmother of many. Her poetry appears in Sugared Water, 94 Creations, Offcourse, and Licking River Review. Her first micro chapbook is The Autobiography of a Love Not Mine (Porkbelly Press, 2015).

Nicci Mechler splits her time between writing poetry & speculative fiction, editing various things such as Sugared Water, and painting girls with inky tattoos. She’s hard pressed to go anywhere without a sense of wonder and a pair of red shoes. She has published in a variety of magazines such as Booth, Kestrel, Roanoke Review, and Arroyo Literary Review.  Her chapbook Deep in Flesh is forthcoming (Dancing Girl Press). Blog: 

Wendy Creekmore lives in rural Northern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband, Virgil, and two kitties. At some point of each day, she can be found reading something from stacks of books and a load-heavy Kindle app and journaling furiously. Her work is has appeared in Sugared Water and Journal of Kentucky Studies

Kristin Koester spends her time battling forest fires in her brain, writing poetry, and making art out of life. She is proud to be Kentucky-born and finds refuge in a nook where the Ohio and Licking Rivers meet, opposite of Cincinnati. Her work appears in Licking River Review

Group Bio:

​​Wild Soft makes her home on the banks of the Ohio River. Her work appears in such magazines as Stone Telling, Still: The Journal, Room, and three drops from a cauldron; her first chapbook, in these cups, was published by Dancing Girl Press. She is the Pushcart nominated collaboration of poets Nicci Mechler, Hilda Weaver, & Wendy Creekmore. Kristin Koester joins in for this chapbook. 

Part of the gift that a collaboration offers is a glimpse into the stunning architectures of of the memories hunted down, narrative paths that unravel the consequences of stumbling upon them, and perspectives that speak for each other. All these flourish on the pages of how wild and soft you are, the second collaborative effort of Hilda Weaver, Nicci Mechler, Wendy Creekmore and Kristin Koester. These powerful poems incorporate language that both explores and transcends as it bursts into a landscape crowded with the rich music of consonants and vowels and a poignant, searing imagery that offers no easy epiphany.


I Can't Always Speak The Language

of birds flocking southward.
Fat clouds confuse my tongue,
pulling my poems out to bury them at the foot
of a Kentucky Coffeetree. Breathe in.

The story behind our teeth will push loose—
keep your sight on the horizon.
Dusk-pink day brings with it a cleansing rush of deer
and quail rise to the now-full moon. They cup

their wings for a skid-landing across
a nameless pond and settle in,
clustered masses on smooth glass—
white bellies pressed into the sky.


H I L D A   W E A V E R , N I C C I   M E C H L E R , W E N D Y   C R E E K M O R E , K R I S T I N   K O E S T E R


H E R M E N E U T I C   C H A O S 

how wild and soft you are



​Cover Art: Alexandra Eldridge

Publication date : August 2016

Pages : 24

​Hand sewn, open edition

By Hilda Weaver, Nicci Mechler, Wendy Creekmore and Kristin Koester