H I L D A   W E A V E R , N I C C I   M E C H L E R , W E N D Y   C R E E K M O R E , K R I S T I N   K O E S T E R

H O W   W I L D   A N D   S O F T   Y O U   A R E

O U R   L A T E S T   T I T L E

Established in 2015, Hermeneutic Chaos Press creates a variety of chapbooks & anthologies in open and limited editions. Our aim is to present work that excites us in a print atmosphere that showcases it in the best possible light. 

Part of the gift that a collaboration offers is a glimpse into the stunning architectures of of the memories hunted down, narrative paths that unravel the consequences of stumbling upon them, and perspectives that speak for each other. All these flourish on the pages of how wild and soft you are, the second collaborative effort of Hilda Weaver, Nicci Mechler, Wendy Creekmore and Kristin Koester. These powerful poems incorporate language that both explores and transcends as it bursts into a landscape crowded with the rich music of consonants and vowels and a poignant, searing imagery that offers no easy epiphany.  Read an excerpt